* Tier 1, 2, 3 are classifications from countries or regions, for example, Tier1: US, Hong Kong, Taiwan; 
  Tier2: China Mainland, Malaysia; Tier3: India, Indonesia


Registration Q&A

1. How to enjoy the early bird/discount price?

The registration fee must be submitted before Sep 30 2016 in order to enjoy the early bird/discount price.

Or the bank proof of payment should be provided if the payment is not received before Sep 30 2016.

There are two ways of suggestion for Company wiring:

a. The proof of payment be provided by the company’s finance proving that the payment was successfully 

submitted before Sep 30 2016. And the proof should be sent or scanned to chinaevent@ispe.org

b. The payment be wired by personal, while indicating the company’s title when wiring payment.


2. How to enjoy the ISPE member price?

The member paid through date should be after the conference date which means the member should be 

valid when he is attending the conference.Member who pay for the ISPE new member price while attending

the conference, and registered successfully can automatically be able to renew membership for one year.


3. How to issue invoice with Company title?

Please wire payment through Company’s account. Or please mark the company’s title when wiring payment 

through personal account.And please note that invoice content can only be issued as 服务费, 会务费, 会议费or咨询费.


4. When will the invoice be received?

Invoices will be received onsite of conference. If pro-issued invoice be needed, please submit invoice application form in advance.


5. How to be noticed about successful registration or payment? 

Payment notification will be sent by the conference group after successfully registered. And registration confirmation letter will be sent after successfully wired of payment.


6. What else content are included besides education sessions?

The conference fee also include: two day’s tea break and lunch as well as conference brochure. Not include the accommodation and travel expense.


7. Is there any discount for group registration?

3 or more than 3 persons in one company can enjoy the discount price. Please be noted that the discount price cannot be folded.


8. Can someone else attend the conference as substitute?

If attendees need to be substituted, please contact ISPE China office to confirm the substitution in advance (by mail or in writing).
Non-members substituting for Members are required to pay the difference in all Member fees.


9. How to cancel the registration?

The letter of cancellation will have to be submitted prior to Oct 23 2016. An deposit of RMB500 will be charged and rest will be refunded. No cancellations accepted after Oct 23 2016.

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